Sunday, January 5, 2014

Project Life | Title Page and Week 1

2014. Week 1.  Here we go again!  I'm excited to be starting another year of Project Life.  I have decided to continue in the hybrid style and using one core kit per week, in alphabetical order :-)

I was given a physical kit (Slate) for Christmas and I will try and incorporate those cards when the "Slate Weeks" come around.  In fact, I have used Slate for my Title Page, and printed my journalling straight onto the cards with my Picturemate printer.  

I will also continue with Design A page protectors for my entire album. I thought about using a mixture of designs but I don't need to complicate PL- with Design A I know what I'm doing, and I don't have to think about photo orientation and how many of each size photo I need to fill a spread.  This is all just automatic for me now.

I am using a BH Project Life album for the first time this year.  I am hoping to get my entire year to fit inside this album.....

So here's my Title Page using the Slate Edition, and printing my text straight onto my "First Page" cards with the Picturemate.  Apologies for the reflections off the page protectors- I was stuck with a crummy time of day to be photographing layouts.

So alphabetically after Slate, comes Sunshine and I thought it was a perfect kit to use for our Week 1.  In addition to Sunshine, I have used a Twenty-Fourteen card from Paislee Press and a calligraphy-script card from here.  I also popped a cut file from Chic Tags on the pink and white diagonally-striped card.

Just as an aside, since the physical cards have rounded corners, I realised I will have to round my corners this year.  Good thing I just bought a new corner-chomper!

And now here is Week 1 LHS.....

And Week 1 RHS.....

And the entire page.....

I know a lot of people are doing Project Life for the first time this year and if that's you, then I really recommend you check out these posts from EliseKatie and of course Becky Higgins herself.  And of course I am happy to help in any way that I can- just ask!

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