Friday, November 22, 2013

Tomorrow's Memories | New Project Packs

I always love the packs that Sonya from Tomorrow's Memories gives me.  By now, she knows my style very well and the packs just keep getting better and better.  So, here's the deal with the Project Packs- if you like what I've created and you want to make something similar, you simply get the pack from the shop and everything you need is in there- easy peasy :-)

First up, here's the card pack.....

Then I had some gorgeous papers from Kaisercraft and Simple Stories which at first glance (especially since there were paper flower embellishments in there too)  looked quite feminine, but I was able to match some beach photos with them and make it all work for my boys.  (TIP:  Run a vintage action over your photos to soften the colours when working with papers like these.)

The next pack had "Boy Page" written all over it with terrific bright colours and cool graphics.....

I'm not sure why these photos are so bad- by the time I had uploaded them to my PC, and realised how bad they were, I had already delivered the projects to TM so couldn't re-do them. SORRY!   But they are good enough for you to see what you can do with the packs, and trust me when I say they are great fun to work with no matter what kind of scrapper you are :-)

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