Monday, February 3, 2014

Project Life Week 5

It's Back-to-School Week and we were happy to have hubs home for half of the last week of the holidays. We had a very busy week with tile selections and pre-start for our new home.  We then changed our minds on a lot of things over the weekend and made new selections :-)

This week I have used the Honey Edition and kept things super-simple with a lot of journalling straight on my photos.  I have been asked about the font I have been using this year- it's Courier New and I use both the Bold and Regular variants depending on what's required.  Last year I changed font every week but this year I will stick with Courier New every week.

Here is Week 5.....

Hope all your kiddos have a terrific first day at school and that all the Mummy's get to enjoy some peace and quiet today ;-)

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