Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Project Life Week 52

Well I finally made it-  52 weeks of our daily lives documented- PHEW!  I loved this project and looking back I would say Project Life has well and truly taken over from my "regular" scrapbooking which is sadly nearly a year behind. And that's ok- what is important to me is that our stories are being told.  

We spent Christmas in Queensland with my family and although I didn't manage to get a photo with all four of us in it together, there are lots of photos of my boys with my Dad, and those photos are very precious to me.

As I type this, I have already completed my title page and Week 1 for 2013 and I have tried a different approach.  It was quite time-consuming so although I am sure I will get faster with practice, I am not sure how long I will stick with it.  What I did in 2012 worked for me, so I can always go back to that system.

For my readers who have enjoyed my PL posts and wondered about giving it a go- JUST DO IT!  Becky Higgins has released lots of new kits- both paper and digital, so check them out here, or if you already have plenty of supplies, pull them out and get started.  I am happy to answer any of your questions if I can.

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