Friday, January 11, 2013

Project Life Week One

And so, Week One of Project Life, 2013 is underway! This year, I have far more confidence that I can keep up with this project. It's just part of my weekly routine now, but finishing Week One was still a bit of a buzz because I'm approaching it a little differently this year.
The first page of the album, naturally, is my title page.

I used some digital freebies from around the internet, but most notably from the delightfully generous Cathy Zielske.   I took some of her 3 x 4 cards and changed things just a little, keeping the grey, orange and white colour palette. I gave into temptation and bought the PL Seafoam Digital Kit and I think these colours will go well with Seafoam and the Amy Tangerine digi stuff I already have.
The Seafoam Edition was designed my one of my favourite designers Elise Blaha Cripe and that little quote by C.S.Lewis on my title page was downloaded from Elise's blog.  She scattered some great quotes throughout her 2012 album and then kindly offered them as a freebie.
Here's a look at Week One....

Here's where you'll notice what I've done differently- first of all, all square corners!  I know, what a PL rebel I am, however, when I start using my Seafoam cards, they will have rounded corners unless I can change that somehow in Photoshop......we'll see ;-)
Secondly, I have typed my'll remember how bad my handwriting is from my 2012 album, so I'm going digital this year.  I opened my journalling cards, typed right on 'em then printed here at home.  We have a colour laser printer and it's really pretty ordinary for tasks like this.  I'm hoping I can be organised enough to get them done Sunday nights when I do my photos and print them all together at the lab each Monday morning......again, we'll see......
I have also added some Amy Tangerine digital papers and elements to the photos, typing a short message on those too.
So that's how I've started out the year- whether I change it up or not remains to be seen, but that's the great thing about this project. You can do what you like and then you can change your mind and do something else. Even using a core kit, like Seafoam, you can find ways to mix in all sorts of things like other core kits or spare scrapbooking supplies.
Pop back next week to see if those corners are still rounded.......


  1. I love your colour scheme for the title page so beautiful with the B&W pics

  2. I love your cover page and layout. You have inspired me to stop thinking about it and just do it! Looking forward to seeing how your album evolves throughout the year :)

    1. Thanks Casey- yes, I would say just dive right in and get started. It's easy to stay motivated with PL if you are up to date from the get-go ;-)

  3. Looks great! I love how versatile PL has become and we can change things to suit ourselves.

    1. Thanks Sharon- yes, you've only got to check out the PL CT's work to see how many different ways you can approach it :-)