Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Project Life Week 50

Yes, I'm back again already!  I have Week 50 to share today and I used a PHYSICAL core kit- Slate. If you follow this blog you will know I usually use digital kits and print each element, but I was given the Slate kit as a gift and I use it in rotation along with all my other digi ones.  I do have the First and Last Page cards in digital form however, and I have used a couple of them this week so I could add journalling in Photoshop and then print as I usually do.

I added some white die-cuts from my little bucket of random leftover cuts to a couple of the filler cards.

The biggest event of the week was a bushfire close to our home and even closer to the new home we are building- in fact, the blocks behind our block were burned but luckily no houses have been built there yet.  We had helitacs flying very low over our house and we stood out in the street with the neighbours taking video and photos.  Later in the day I took the boys to the nearby lake where they were filling up their water tanks and it was an awesome sight to see them come in , fill up and take off in succession.  Later that evening I snapped some photos from our driveway and you can see one of those in my layout.  Bushfires are a scary reality in Australia in the summertime and our fire brigades do an amazing job under often very difficult conditions- they are heroes to me and most other Australians.

Here is the LHS.....

Here is the RHS.....

And here is the entire week.....

See you soon for some exciting news!

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