Monday, July 7, 2014

Project Life Week 27

This week was the last week of term for us and we were all looking forward to a break from the usual routine of school runs and other activities.  Chris got home on Tuesday and we are all very happy that he gets to spend a couple of days of the school holidays with us.

This week I used the Midnight Edition to make another single-page layout.  I considered stretching things out with more photos, filler cards and journalling, but the photos I ended up with pretty much summed up our week nicely.

Here's Week 27.....

If you look carefully you might notice my pics are a little bit stripey?  Sometimes that happens with my little Picturemate printer, but all I had to do was run the auto-clean function to clean the heads and it was all good.  Rather than print everything again, I decided that the photos were good enough for the album.  You can see what's going on in the photos and all the text is easy to read.  All I care about is that our stories are told ;-)

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