Monday, September 1, 2014

Project Life Week 33

I'm back to a two-page spread this week- not sure why- I could have squeezed it all on one page....maybe I just love the Sunshine Edition so much!

Here is the LHS.....

I used a Rose cut file from the Silhouette Online Store on the top right card and overlapped it slightly over the adjacent photo.

Here is the RHS.....

And here is the entire week.....

I have had many questions asked on various Facebook Project Life Groups about my journalling, so I thought I would answer it here as well.  If you follow my blog you will know that I have all my core kits in digital form.  So I just simply open the cards in Photoshop, drop my photos on (like the row of cards on the bottom right of this week's spread) and type my journalling on using Courier New Bold as my font.  Or, as per the 6x4 photo of my Sam sitting by the Rugby field, I add the journalling straight onto the photo and in this case, I changed it to white.  I hope this helps- just ask me if it doesn't quite make sense!

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